One of the best World War 2 shooters of all time!

User Rating: 9.4 | Call of Duty PC
After having finished Medal of Honor only recently, I was left wanting for more engrossing World War 2 action. So I decided to play the highly acclaimed Call of Duty. I do not have anything different to say from what countless others have already said - that the game is fantastic. I cannot recollect a single incident throughout the game where I got bored. I have played the game on Pentium 4 3.0GHz machine with 1.75GB DDR 400MHz RAM and a GeForce 7600GS with 256MB RAM. The game worked like a charm at highest settings with 4X FSAA and 4X AF. The good part is, the game can be played on low end machines with onboard video and sound without too much of a problem. Of course, the game doesn’t look and sound as good without all the particle effects, but the frame rates aren’t going to be a problem.

I am used a Creative Audigy Soundblaster 24-bit sound card, with EAX enabled. The sounds in the game are fantastic with explosions and your teammates and enemies shouting during the batter – very realistic. The weapons sound good as well, the single shot of a sniper rifle is lethal and the muffled sound of a sten gun sounds every convincing as well.

Personally, I appreciate a good challenge in games, and as long they are not frustrating, because I hate to play a game over and over. That’s one of the best aspects of Call of Duty, the game is challenging, and yet, its flows at a steady pace…I never got frustrated while playing the game because I was constantly making progress. This was one of the reasons why I enjoyed playing this game the most.

Unlike Medal of Honor, your team mates have a greater role in the game; however, it’s always possible to take on the enemies alone. In that sense, I guess the game has an arcade quality, but that’s not necessarily bad. The AI is pretty good, although nothing exceptional, they are not going to make things any easier for you. They don’t just charge in great numbers, they exhibit solid behavior like taking cover etc. This makes victory more satisfying.

All in all, a fantastic World War 2, which I thought was better than Medal of Honor Allied Assault. It’s a must-play for all FPS fans, and the good part is, it doesn’t require a high end computer to run the game at decent resolutions.

Excellent game by all means.