Savetehhaloz reviews the original Call of Duty, one of the best and most epic WWII shooters out there.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty PC
WWII has been won many times over in games, movies and books but Call of Duty does not fail to deliver. Although the game is the first in the large Call of Duty series, it is an excellent game and does many things right. From the epic soundtrack to the variety of missions, this game is a must.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are excellent for its time and present environments that show an accurate and believable depiction of each European theater. The game runs smoothly and there is little in the way of graphical glitches.

STORY: The "story" consists of playing as 3 different soldiers; begining as an American paratrooper, a British soldier and a poor Russian recruit.

SOUND: The soundtrack is epic and adds to the feel of the environment. The gunfire is believable and the voice acting and script is well done.

GAMEPLAY & DESIGN: The game is well designed; with each level presenting visual variety and challenges for the player. What makes the game enjoyable is the variety of environments and playing styles; a Bavarian mansion rescuing prisoners of war, a prisoner internment camp, a German warship, the French countryside and Stalingrad to name a few. The most notable is the dam mission, where the player is presented with a huge installation to clear out.