10 reasons u shouldnt play COD!!!

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty PC
R u OUT-OF-YOUR-FRIGGING MIND!!! This is one of the best games of this decade, thers no way ther will b a reason for nt playing this!! And it will remain as a masterpiece for the years to come!

Such intensity in a war game and the way the AI works with you... They duck, they help u, they cower in the madness... pure exhilaration...

The campaign is divided into the American, the British and the Russians... and they depict the role and the environment of the protagonist well. The missions are well thought out and are the real strong point of the game.

The russian mission wherein u hav to climb a hill wit no guns... WHAT!! Great more reasons to die! Beautifully designed, graphics was top-notch for that time...And the new CODs r nt giving up either... COD games are only rivaled by themselves. THE BEST FPS series in the world, period!