how great, too bad it's not as good as the PC original from times past.

User Rating: 5.5 | Call of Duty Classic X360

Long ago a game was released for the PC only called call of duty. Now this game has a franchise behind it but because of popular demand the original has been released on DLC console stores. Now the original is no where near the greatness of the rest but it has a price tag to match, sorta. The game is about $15 so it's more expensive than COD 2 or "the big red one". Now this game is far from perfect. It has terrible graphics by today's standards but you can't really hold that against it, although it does look pretty bad so many fans of the new COD games might be turned off by this.
The problem that comes up the most is that the game is extremely simple and has no where near the complexity of the newer games, or even COD 2 for that matter. Although other than that you might notice the fact of the retarded AI. Yes, the AI is retarded and all it really does is hide and not shoot or stand right in front of your fire while you pump them full of lead. "LEAD SALAD"!!!!

The game is as it always was but that mkight not really be what a lot of people want, they want new content and the "nostalgia" (even though you probably didn't play the original) might not be enough to make you want to spend the $15.

So it's fun, yes but the problem is the game is just not very good... at all. So... yeah the game isn't really all that great and it's easier and less expensive to just get an earlier game such as the following:
world at war
COD 2 the big red one.
Those games (at least the majority) are less expensive than COD classic and they are usually more enjoyable, pretty much on all premises.

My score (if you haven't seen it already) is 5/10
it's just not all that great but it is fun so I say it's an average game that's only really worth your time if you're just really scraping for some more FPS or COD fun.