One of the best first-person action game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty PC
Seven years has past, but this game is still amazing. Although graphics, game-play or motions of enemy soldiers is not that great, as today "modern" games, this is still one of the best first-person action game.

I must say this game gives you very good historical platform. It concerns the greatest battle in the World War II. Missions are very engaging. Furthermore, I really like the quotes at the end of missions. It fits at the background of the war and gives you that atmosphere of how generals thought about war and strategy. However, graphics and effect are not so good if we compare to first-person action games today, but it does not matter because you can still enjoy in the game.

Call of Duty is a classic. It will never get bored or even "old" to play. Interesting missions, quotes of famous generals, real historical battles and etc. give this game the status of amazing first-person shooter game.