User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty PC
It's a wonderful game and sometimes takes in you war. It is a short game which finishes in 30-40 hours but amazing. Missions are designed very carefully in which you become a part of mission and missions becomes sometimes hard and sometimes very easy but most of its missions are medium hard. Playing it when someone comes ahead you you'll be scared, but only first time. This also includes firing from tanks and cars. Its does not have a wide range of ammo but are very good and MP-40 is my favorite. It is designed by Activision which shares 1st position on War Action games with Medal Of Honor which is also a very good game. In this game we have partners who help us in doing missions. This game has a wide range of missions. These missions are very easy to understand and have a meaning but most of missions are to destroy, and kill and of war.

Call Of Duty Calls You, Be A Part Of War!