Yep, this is the fish!

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty PC
This is one hell of a game! I was really amazed at the overall presentation. This game has redefined the FPS genre. It really did!
The whole game is about World War II, at its peak. Players will be booted into three different characters who have different engagements to the story. This keeps the story interesting because there'll be a lot of diverse places to explore when the character transitions occur. This is not jarring at all; it's actually a must to this game. This feat keeps the game moving. There are no boring parts here, I swear! Better yet is the fact that this game is extremely dramatic. The squads that join your character have their own say about "this crazy war!" Emotion is part of the greatness of the story, and each NPC depicts it well. Even the German troops share the same sense of hatred for the war. It's a first in a very successful series.
The graphics are nice; much better than Medal Of Honor's graphics. The individual character animations are impressive. There are facial expressions, which heightens the game's intensity; there are authentic battle arenas that the game boasts; the weapon animation is surprisingly realistic. This features some of the most memorable images for the PC. This game very much puts more reality to the historical war than the war itself.
Well, what is there to say about the sound? I mean, it is great. Voice-overs are nicely done. The war sounds are reverberating. It's cool. The soundtrack is really the bomb here. Never have I experienced such emotional themes in a game. This is the first game that I played that utilizes orchestrations well.
What made this game so popular from the get-go is the insane gameplay. Remember what I said about 'redefining the FPS genre'? This is the reason why: Fast-paced action; the balanced mix of lone-wolf or with-squad gameplay; the amazing sniper sections; the in-vehicle combat; the weapons that inhibit movement aside from axis-rotation; the multiplayer! Every bit of this game that matters is the gameplay. This is the granddaddy of cinematic-gaming-experience!
I gave it a 10. I would have given it an eleven, for crying out loud!