Must-play game for all shooter fans. Great to see where the whole CoD franchise started off from.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty PC
Good: very smart enemy AI, many different environments, lengthy campaign (about 26 levels, but some are short), great weapons, great graphics and sound effects for its time, able to use unique weapons such as flak guns, tanks, panzerschrecks, etc., pretty destructible environment for its time (glass windows break, trees fall over, etc.), different missions/tasks such as defending buildings, destroying enemy weapons, supporting your squad, flanking enemies, taking out snipers, retrieving intelligence, etc., somewhat of an interesting plot

Bad: sometimes hard to find out where compass is pointing to, check points are too far apart, game play is harder than normal (I played on regular difficulty and to me it seemed harder than normal), many levels get repetitive (e.g. clear a building, do something, and then fight your way back out of the building), no grenade indicator, squad AI sometimes lacks intelligence

Overall: If you are a CoD fan or fan of any FPS games, Call of Duty 1 is a must play, even if it is about 7 years old.

Online: I did not play online so I cannot comment on this.