User Rating: 9.8 | Call of Duty PC
IT IS SIMPLY Medal OF Honor Allied Assault should have been, even 10 times better!! The game really puts in the shoes of a world war 2 warrior, thanx to its impressive sound, noble engine Quak III, thought the engine is old, it is polished and infinity ward really pushed the limits of this engine! There are lots of memorable missions in the game, all of them are very spectacular and memorable! The are lots of cinamatics and the environment is really world war 2 like. Unlike Medal OF Honor Alied Assault, where is unreal as most of the time you are like defeating 50% of the germans, in Call OF Duty, You will have fellow team mates by your sides which adds realism. Ai is not that advanced, but still nicely done. The sound is superb!! It is like you have to realy on sound for your own safety. Call Of Duty really pits players on the eyes of a WW2 warrior.