Nice change of pace for the Modern Warfare crowd.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty Classic X360
Single Player mode can be a bit dry as you go through the training first, but slowly warms up after training is over. Having never enjoyed the single player much, favoring the Multiplayer, here is my first take on the action.
The game has just today been released to most of us who did not get it as a perk included with other game purchases.
Therefore, as of this writing, there were not many players available at 4:30pm central time.
I do not see this as a lasting problem, because many, like myself, are Call Of Duty fans and will buy it based strictly on that.
The 3 rounds I played were Team Deathmatch on the Xbox360, and I found the gameplay and visuals to be much sharper than I had thought it would be, as a port of a much older game.
I played it in 1080p on a 61 inch Samsung LED, and it definately looked and played every bit worth 15 dollars.
The older weapons took some getting used to, with the Gerand and Thompson being standouts on the allied side. As it was, before, the MG42 on the axis side can only be described as awe-inspiring.
Grenades can be thrown a long, long way fairly accurately.
Once more players buy and play the game, I feel many like me will find this to be a welcome break between long rounds of Modern Warfare 2.
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