All Modern Warfare games....many ridiculous problems that could be easily fixed

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I wish COD had a place you could contact them, on their website....but you'll notice they don't. Because they don't want to get all the gripes and complaints they would get, if they HAD a place to contact them. Some of the major, major flaws in this game are, in no particular order

1. Grenades. If an enemy throws a grenade at YOU, it will kill you if it's anywhere near you. If you throw one at an enemy, though, it won't kill him unless you shove it down his throat.

2. Dogs. This is the biggest flaw. I am a dog lover and have owned many. But these are superdogs. A grenade, as usual, won't kill one unless it lands ON it. And you have to empty a clip into one, otherwise it keeps charging. I'm sorry, but there is NO POSSIBLE WAY a dog can kill a soldier with a gun. If you can't shoot it, you can club it to death in a matter of seconds.

3. Sentry Guns. These are WAY to easy to take down. In real life, these things are impossible to destroy unless you throw a grenade, and even then it has to hit VERY close to it. I'm sick of hearing "Sentry gun offline" every time I turn around. It can't happen.

4. Juggernauts. Another HUGE flaw. Nothing on earth can live through a bomb being dropped within 10 yards of it. But unless your bomb lands ON the Juggernaut, it keeps walking. Ridiculous.

These are my main pet peeves with what is otherwise a very fun and entertaining game. I am talking about the Modern Warfare series of COD, and mostly the Spec Ops part. It wouldn't take much to fix these things, and it wouldn't make the game any less fun.

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man this is why i stopped playing. I airsoft now with COD guns