As expected for a COD Game

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: WWII (Digital Deluxe Edition) PS4

This game was given free fro Playstation in June. I downloaded as soon as I saw it in the Web Page (it was not seen in the story in the PS4, but in the actual web page where I requested to download it). The game was downloaded in Italian (no major problem but I could not be able to change it).

Well, now about the game. What I liked the most was the storytelling, very well done... The action scenes were very well done as well. This game is very well balance in term of Challenge, you can run around without getting beat like first installments. The Characters develop really well through the game. It is nice to see that.

The graphics are top notch, 4K HDR in the PS4 pro, the sound it is as good as usual.

I really enjoyed playing this game. The kind of game you beat in a day (the campaign). Now, the multiplayer is fun too. Well executed with no issues at all.

If you have not the opportunity to play it yet. Give it a change now that it is free.