Disappointment in the air

User Rating: 1 | Call of Duty: WWII PC

To be honest, Call of duty has gone down hill since MW1/MW2.

I am ashamed of the company, they are just repeat the same shit that we see in the old games and I just was watch a movie that was about hmmm... a black tank driver that used have company called "Wildcats" (which is from Saints And Soldiers: The Void (2014) )and the game came out (3 November 2017 (Idk if the company will get lawsuit also I know in the past the Company has been sued from a lot like hummer from MW2 ). The multiplayer has gotten even worse than the last game (crates, and free moving are acceptable), but the maps are repeating in each game mode (God damn BO2 had more maps than ww2 and infinite warfare)

BO2: 29 Maps

COD WW2: 7 maps

Infinite warfare:7 maps

Zombies is the only positive (which is doing better and should have a story if you are reading this COD developers)

Don't get too hype , it disappointment at lowest at 1