Multiplayer sucks

User Rating: 2 | Call of Duty: WWII XONE
Multiplayer on this Call of Duty is probably the most terribly made multiplayer in the franchise (which is saying something compared to Infinity War). Cosmetically and trying to keep the game authentic they did pretty well and keep it fun and exciting with new cosmedic content. Plus the campaign mode which is why we love Call of Duty felt just as epic as ever. But where this game flopped is in its map designs, spawn points, damaged consistency, server dependency, fun and exciting new game modes that offer balance gameplay. And don't get me started on all the little corks like getting kicked from Hardcore games because some trash player runs in front of you 3 times and gets shot. Or like when you're in edit mode making a paint job for your gun and the dailies reset and it completely erases everything you did making you reloadthe game right now... these kinds of oversight shouldn't have been missed and honestly reminds me their cheap tactics to quickly get content released for profits.. which explains why they can keep the new cosmetic content coming in but not much for gameplay improvement..