R.I.P Call of Duty

User Rating: 1 | Call of Duty: WWII PS4

I was really looking forward to this game because of all the media-fed hype. IMO wasted my money on this lame excuse for a game.

There is nothing new here to see.... "please move along". You can see that they have completely run out of any new ideas: instead opted to create a lame game with heavy overtones of Battlefield 1 (which is a good game) and bits from Destiny (Headquarters).

This game is simply a cash-cow for Activision: a guarantee'd earner: micro-transaction hell. Activision have even patented a system for this game allowing them to push loot boxes and micro-transactions in game matching player skill (Google it) so you will spend more money.

In multiplayer: the graphics are pretty dismal. The maps nothing new. Weapons boring. I'm trying really hard to think of anything that impressed me. Its all been done before but infinitely better......

Single player.... yawn.. very short and all been done before but better.

On day of release the servers were running really slow. Two days later the servers are still messed up. Disconnections. Problems loading. Unable to join. All this from Activision a company worth $18.9 Billion dollars.Sometimes we waited 5 minutes+ to get into a match. One thing in particular that I found annoying was the 'Headquarters' a place where all online gamers congregate prior to finding a match - more like a pen to contain the sheep. Here you can watch other players open loot boxes and even get an achievement for watching.

I have bought and played all of the Call of Duty games since CoD 4 and watched as Activision have run out of ideas and produced lesser titles. I honestly didn't think anything could have been a greater disappointment than Infinite Warfare. This is.

The reality is a group of 6 of us - gamers who loved playing CoD were talking about trading the game in on day 2 of release really puts it in perspective.

If you enjoy FPS don't waste your money on this pile of tripe. If we keep buying this junk and filling their purses without saying how it really is then this is the end of gaming. :)

Ask yourself, which is better: Modern Warfare 2 which was made 9 years ago or WW2 made on next gen console in 2017? Its clear Activision simply want to make money (from loot boxes/micro-transactions) instead of good games.

Have a nice day :)