A late review on one amazing game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty: World at War PC
Call of Duty World at War shows us yet again the unrelenting prowess of Activision and Infinity Ward. But is the rewind to World War II times really essential for the evolution of the popular series?
The story gets players once more into the harsh 40's period. It's (again) World War II and we can't get enough of it. Well, the best thing about the game's story is the significant display of drama and superb action. I haven't seen so much almost-tear-jerking moments in an FPS. The whole game is also a very well-rehearsed set of events that shows really good in-depth cinematography and camera angling. What you see is what you really get in this game; the story only shows the script and all that when you look at all the things happening here. Sure, there are times when the camera gets blurred sometimes, or when Miller (players control him) gets trapped in a very hazy situation and can't see sh!t, but that's the drama! Anyway, play as a Russian conscript or a U.S. Marine in this epic tale of bravery and camaraderie.
The visuals are oh, so good! The graphics are beefy and there's the addition of castration and bodily mutilation from the start to the finish. Oh, please observe every muscle and bone protruding from the ripped limbs of Japanese banzai troops, the Germans and your soldier friends as they get hit by grenades or naval strike! It's a bloody COD and it's soo good!
World War II with the most amazing sounds of 'blood-splattering-and-squirting-from-the-cut-arteries-of-enemy-bots'. I get a really good and triumphant laugh every time I hear those sounds. A word of caution, though: you can get a despicable blood lust from this and may want to kill somebody; it's that gorgeous! Orchestrations are also amazing, and so is the cast of voice actors led by the mighty Keifer Sutherland and Gary Oldman.
The game is really a World War II version of '07's blockbuster Modern Warfare, except there's the gore and the Japanese and the ambushes and the enhanced visuals. But it's pure fun and it's worth the price. Single player lasts for about 5 hours on normal difficulty but there are other challenges that'll beef up the single player mode, plus the challenges and the co-op. Multiplayer's nice, with new maps and tweaked game modes, and it's all worth it because everyone loves the COD online matches! Oh, and there's the Nazi Zombies part; it's so cool!
They made World at War to prepare players for what's about to come in the next Modern Warfare. This is the appetizer for the main course is yet to come! But its a really, really good appetizer and I'm here for seconds!