Been there, and done WWII many times, but that doesn't mean WaW is a bad game!

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: World at War PS3
NOTE: Before I start, I'll just say that I haven't played mulitplayer yet, so obviously, I will not mention anything about that portion of WaW in this review.

COD WaW is a game that I was very skeptical about before release. After Treyarch's previous poor offering (CoD3) I wasn't expecting anything but just another run of the mill FPS with WaW. However, that's NOT the case! The game is great! It's very challenging, has a great campaign, and in a lot of areas, it's just as good as CoD4.

Gameplay - Overall, the gameplay is very good. The CoD4 engine is the main reason why. WaW plays a lot like CoD4, and that's definitely not a bad thing.

Graphics - It's not MGS4, but the graphics are very good. I'd say that they're comparable to CoD4. Everything looks great. From the enviroments, to the tanks and other vehicles, to the weapons and characters. Everything looks good, so I'd say the graphics are a definite plus in WaW.

Framerate - The action isn't as smooth as CoD4, but it's damn near close! There aren't any serious or really noticable slowdowns, even with a lot of action on-screen. Overall, the framerate is solid and is consistent throughout the action.

Sound - The sound effects are stunning! You can hear bullets flying past you, and the sound of explosions going off all around. The intense sounds of WaW will defintitely immerse you in the game.

Replay value - With the inclusion of trophies, as well as just being plain fun, the campaign is something you'll definitely want to play more than once. Veteran difficulty is something that will test even the most skilled gamers out there, and it's one reason why the replayablilty of WaW is increased for those that want a real challenge. Playing this game on Veteran is by far the hardest game I've ever played, and is by far the greatest challenge I've faced in a videogame.

Overall - Overall, CoD WaW is an excellent game that exceeded expectations. Treyarch did an outstanding job, and really brought us a great FPS. If you are a fan of the CoD series, or even just a fan of FPS in general, then CoD WaW is a game you don't want to miss out on.

Gameplay - 9-10
Graphics - 8.5-10
Framerate - 9.5-10
Sound - 9.5-10
Replay Value - 9-10
Overall - 9-10