Tho absolute worst in the Call of Duty series... CoD: Final Fronts

User Rating: 3 | Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts PS2
Hello there! This is my first review, so sorry if it's not "good enough". Today, I will review CoD: Final Fronts. So first off, let's start off with the cheap graphics. I realize that this is only the PS2, but com'on, the graphics could have been a little better! The frame rate could get a little rough when there is too much action, especially when there is an explosion. A body part of another person will magically go through their own leg. Everything seems way too pixel-ly. Trees look like cookie cuts.
Next, let's talk about the gameplay. Most of us would think that when the graphics are absolutely horrendous, the maker would make the game a bit more exciting and memorable. The game is plainly boring and monotonous. all you're doing is taking over over bunkers, defending a building, or running from your life. Normally, games like this would be exciting and have tons of action. But once again, Activision and Rebellion fail to do this. Another disappointment is the length of the game. The game took me about 2 hours to finish. There were four short campaigns to finish- 2 American soldiers and 1 British soldier. There was a also 1 mission where you can be a tank gunner. Honestly, I find that those 2 hours were a WASTE OF MY TIME!
Possibly, the worst part of the game is the AI. The "enemies" just stand around just waiting to get shot. Sometimes, you can just walk in front of them, and they won't even attempt to shoot you. But, when they're smart, they are EXTREMELY SMART. They will never miss. The AI also always seem to be aiming only at you! No one else on your side is affected. They just stand around and shoot randomly.
In all, the game is just horrendous on all levels. On a scale of 1 thru 10, I'll give it a cheap 3. I wouldn't recommend giving this game as a gift to anyone. So, this is pianomanfights signing out. Adios, and enjoy the day!