First Time Dissappointed in a COD

User Rating: 2.5 | Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts PS2
This installment was Waaay to easy, predictable, boring. This is the first Call Of Duty title that I have been just plain disappointed in. Perhaps the multiplayer is something fantastic, but they obviously just phoned it in for the PS2 single player version. It would have been much better to honor the platform and the purchasers by just leaving the PS2 version out of the mix. All of the levels were immediately easy to memorize and eliminate errors to walk through, and even trying to scour the level for all available paths, it was remarkably easy to phone in. The various locations as you jump from section to section made it seem like they just had a bunch of leftover levels from the other titles, and bundled up here as a set of leftovers. Seeing that it has now garned the most BAFTA awards, I must believe the higher platform versions have much more to offer. Putting it on Ebay immediately.