Well, this is awkward.

User Rating: 2 | Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts PS2
This is a difficult game to review. I understand this is supposed to be a companion experience to World at War, but then why was it not released for PS3 and XBOX360? Because this game was released for PS2 only, I'm going to review it as a full PS2 game.

And because of that, this game gets a low score. This game doesn't have nearly enough content. Its 14 easy campaign missions with nothing to unlock. Thats it. You get standard WWII gameplay and average voice acting for 14 levels you can blow through without any challenge whatsoever. No unlockable content. No multiplayer. No hidden intel to find. Just a bunch of badly rendered enemies that present no resistance.

Perhaps this would be forgivable if the game played like a dream and the graphics were PS3 quality on the PS2. Yeah, keep dreaming. Graphics are poor for even the PS2 and the controls are loose and occasionally unresponsive. Nothing seems to work 100% right at any given moment whether its bad AI, bad control, or glitchy graphics.

Bottom line: Mediocrity engulfs this game. If you want a shooter you can actually enjoy, keep looking.