Dont insult the PS2 and PS2 owners. this game is simply cheap. its broken , bad graphics, dead soldiers floats in

User Rating: 1 | Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts PS2
well after a long time i bought a game on ps2, i know ps2 market is now over and no other hit game or sequels are gonna touch the ps2 machine. but still if you are not intrested in making a game for ps2 then dont bother because it only make wastage of our money.

call of duty 5 is simply cheap, some dead soldiers floats in air, they rotate in different directions, graphics is bad.

AI is mental, they should not make a port for ps2 may be it is good on 360 and ps3 but why the hell they made it for ps2?

its a waste of money and time.

call of duty 3 was a great game , graphics sound and quality of game was fantastic and you get a feeling that yes this is some kind of entertainment through which you can spend your time .

how could graphics become cheap in call of duty 5 when its a new game and should have made on a more powerful advance software.