This game made me give up on my ps2.

User Rating: 3 | Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts PS2
I had been sticking to my old ps2 while all my friends had 360s and ps3s. I figured i didn't need any next gen system while I had classic gaming, and one of the game series I valued most on the ps2 was call of duty. So when I heard that this was the last COD on ps2 I was expecting a great game that could keep me playing for a while. I was wrong. The game is completely broken. You can tell that it was rushed. The voice acting for the game is HORRIBLE especially the in game voice acting when the characters are telling you to do something. You hear their voice, but if you look at them their mouth doesn't even move, in fact they will probably just continue shooting at the brain dead AI. Thats another thing. Both the enemy AI and friendly AI just plain suck. You can watch them stand right by one another and shoot at eachother for about thirty seconds and neither one of them will get hit once. The graphics are terrible. Im not going to compare it to some powerhouse console, I'm judging it by ps2 standards. The game actually unimproved over COD3. Horrible character models and murky textures plague the entire game.

Graphics: 3.5
I would like to restate that I do understand that this is just a PS2 and not a top of the line PC, but I wanted to scream when I compared this to the PS2 version of COD3.

Gameplay: 4.0
Completely horrible. It doesn't even manage to get that run and gun feel that other COD games have.

Sound: 2.0
Made my ears bleed.

Overall 3.0
After playing this game I saved up, bought a 360, and bought the REAL version of COD WAW. That game was simply amazing. This game left me crying over the $50 I spent on it that I'll never get back.Still, if your still a faithful PS2 owner and are really desperate for a COD, I guess you should get this, but be ready for disappointment.