The game was a big letdown to me. The single play campaign was too short, and there was nothing else to do.

User Rating: 6 | Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts PS2
I was pretty excited that there would be another CoD game for the PS2. I shouldn't have been excited.

The game is short; a single play campaign which took about 5 hours to complete on Veteran difficulty. The campaign mode consists of three campaigns; the American campaign at the Pacific Ocean, the British Campaign in Europe and another American campaign in Europe. The levels are pretty much tube-running, and the lack of freedom really disappointed me. The game is also too easy, and the amount of ammunition you can carry is outstanding, possibly because you just have to take out endless waves of re-spawning enemies.

The characters are pretty cool though. Both Roebuck & Polonsky make an appearance and are your squadmates in the Pacific campaign. Voice-acting is great, and Polonsky's, Foley's (from the first CoD) Roebuck's & Sullivan's voice actors' voice can be heard. Sullivan does not make an appearance in the game, although his voice actor provided some acting for friendly AI soldiers. The game also features the same musical score from the next-gen World At War.

The AI in this game is bad. Just bad. Your allies are almost useless. They get in your way and they don't move almost at all. They can kill a bunch of enemies in close combat and they do provide a good cover against scripted banzai charges, but other than that, they're bad. The enemies are just as bad, although they are much more accurate on Veteran difficulty (big surprise there).

The game has the graphics of a PS1/PSP game. This game should've been a PSP game, rather than a PS2 game. The textures are bad & the physics are even worse. The only good looking things about this game are the characters.

The game also has an annoyingly easy auto-aim option, the game automatically aims at the head of the nearest enemy. It can be turned off though. The game also has no option to put subtitles on, which is strange.

All in all, the game was a quick cash-in game for Activision. The half of the game manual has copyright statements by Activision. Too bad, this could've been a better game. No online mode & an awkward campaign mode disappointed me.