Another addition to the PS2 Call of Duty line that has further improved the series.

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts PS2
I think that this was an overall good game. It runs on the same engine of COD 3 for the PS2, but increased the graphics quite a bit. There is a lot more enemy AI, and they come from all different directions. I'm not saying COD3 was unrealistic, but COD5 definitely improved the gameplay and the action. It feels much more like real war and is more frantic than COD3. The graphics are increased, but not as good as the PS2 is capable of. Another fact that I liked about this game was that you can harness the power of the Flamethrower. I loved using it in the game and it added a different feel throughout the game. There is a few new weapons other than the Flamethrower, but other than that, not really. And finally, I enjoyed the music that was played all through the game. It really helped the atmosphere of the gameplay and made the fighting more crazed. There was one thing I was quite disappointed with: the whole game was over in a flash. Nothing to go back and unlock, nothing to replay or alternate endings. Other than those few downfalls, I think that this is a really good buy if you are looking for a good WWII shooter. Thanks, and God bless! :)