mw3 ,its grown on me

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 X360
ok ok i know this game has been out since last yr,but ive actually enjoyed this game ,whne it first came out i was disapointed with it it felt very much the same ,but the campinge is great fun although short ,but the real fun to be had is the multiplayer the maps and game options that have come out in the last 7 months is very much fun , specially the community games ,infected is a great game mode ,also the old game types are here team deathmatch ,capture the flag,dommination,and new game type killconfirmed where you have to get the dogtags of the dead enemies and of your teamates ,to get points, i know its easy to just bag cod been there done that yes it has ,but they do it so damn well , i have a clan on black ops who hated this game but now are starting to play it ,the communtity game type is alot of fun and i hope they take that to the next level in the next cod game ,so if you like your mutiplayer fast and fun then you should enjoy this another great game to the collection of cod games,its not groundbreaking ,but it is alot of fun so is the survival mode whic you and a teammate have to take down wave sof enemies each group getting harder and also the minimissions are great to , either way not ground breaking but fun