It's a decent game but no different than the last several games. Which is what getting a little too old.

User Rating: 4 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 X360

I will say my only real complaint is how short the sp is, it's pretty pathetic, it's fun what little there is but really the only real fun parts are when you get to blow stuff up from a vehicle, would have been nice to have destructable enviroment as well. The story is the same old same old, at least the ending was satisfying if not some what of a no brainer, just chilling watching marakove hang while you puff on a cigar, but was a boring ending as well, just cuts too the credits.

The next game better have twice the length otherwise dont see this really improving, the mp is same as the last several games, no bad but dont feel there is any team work involved more just every man for himself, it's why I have more fun playing halo, this game is all about camping I even do it since I dont have awesome weapons, dont see myelf trying to get the highest level like I did with call of duty 4, it was fresh then, but now it just feels pasted on anymore, great way of showing the story but not very ambitious. They killed off enough main characters I'm thinking they might just start with a completely new story I hope.

Like I said if they want this series to go back to being great add a ton more features as they took out a lot from what black ops had though I couldn't stand that game at least bo's had limbs and more gore, something this needs but they already said not gonna do so...really dont see this ever being the best modern shooter ever. I just want a game thats very realistic while being fun to play.

Sorry infinity ward, you just are boring developers now, I could care less about this series, the mp just feels tacked on, nothing new, same old same old, at least hlo changes after each game both graphically and in gameplay.

also playing normal is the only way to really enjoy the game but is so easy with brainless a.i., but if you up the difficulty is very frustrating and pointless in my opinion.

EDIT: This game is easily the worst in the series...modernware 4 and the direct sequel are the only decent games in this franchise and I suppose cod 2 the first cod on the 360 that is. This franchise is so boring and waste of good money. I dont recommend this series anymore HOWEVER get Titanfall if you want a futuristic version of cod that is actually fun!