I know many many people won't agree with me but this game is just Wunderbar!

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 X360
Hallo its me Hendrik! This is my first review. I will try to do my best and give my opninion and arguments.
So I bought from now every uber COD game of today! But now I tought this will be just the same as before AND IT WAS ONLY BETTER!
I will start: The campaign starts with ping pang and alot of action!
It takes like 7 hours to complete for the first time on hardest setting. Easy! But fun.
The co-op is Great ! I still play it with meine freunde often.
Das achievements are super! And very easy. Some of them require some help of your good friend on co-op. But its worth it!
The online multiplayer is community is awull. But the costumanisations will make this all good!
You can rank up für your weapon und you own level as well!
Alot of weapons and perks there and good maps!
Well this was a first short review from me. I will try to do more my best next time.