A once again repeated formula. Its polished, but fails to feel like a new game, feeling more like a re release of MW2.

User Rating: 6.5 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 X360
The Call of Duty series is well renowned for a few things.
A - It possess one of the most popular and smooth match making systems available today.
B - Has a dedicated fanbase
C - Repeats the same formula in numerous games - which we all buy despite possessing this knowledge.

Modern Warfare succeeds in that still possesses 'A', is still able to draw in 'B' and manages to do so despite falling subject to 'C'.

This is all well and good... for Activision which is making a record profit off the series, and while the game continues to possess and good online system, and a reasonable single player campaign, it fails to introduce anything substantial enough to qualify yet another yearly release.

New introductions include the 'Survival' component of Special Ops, which realistically just feels like an uninteresting version of Zombies implemented to please fans who'd rather use more modern weapons than the dated ones. It works well, but is once again unoriginal. There are numerous additions to online. Weapons can 'level' up like ones rank, and gain their perks/attachments that way instead of completing challenges like in MW2.
Lastly in introductions is the integration of 'Call of Duty Elite', a highly publicised subscriber service providing numerous downloadable content drops as well as other 'premium' content and features. If your a diehard fan, its great, but some will wonder what all the fuss is about.

Not much more can be said about the game - because it does feel like such a repeat.
The story is a continuation of the previous Modern Warfare entries, the developers earn props for not making it as dull as other FPS campaigns (personally I found it to be much better than Battlefield 3's but that is a different argument).
Special Ops still feels fun and the missions are better laid out than our last experience.

The games main drawcard - the Multiplayer is still rather good. Spawning is a bit problematic as you may respawn next to enemies who can instantaneously kill you quite often. There is once again guns requiring the 'nerf' treatment, and listening to online trash talk and swearing can become quite monotonous if you aren't listening/watching something else at the same time.

If Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was the first entry in a new Intellectual Property it would be lauded as one of the best debuts in history. It deserves praise for managing to retain its addictive online multiplayer and changing certain components from last time to not make it seem to stale. However it ultimately ends up as a rehash of the last game - which is good in that it is fun - but how can one award it the 8.0+ score of its predecessor when it feels so similar. Returning features is one thing, but a virtual carbon copy of the last game is something that inherently deserves a lower score.
It's fun - but is a repeat of what came before it.