Gun action realistic movements for a solider to be; in the game. Always stay on your toss kind of game.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 X360
Modern Warfare 3 is well played out, action just like every Call of Duty. The only deference is on this game you will skydive, ride and control a military speed boat and many other things for you to accomplish. Weapons get better in every new call of duty so you will see the difference in the previous games. Graphics are great to view and can shoot almost about anything. In this game you will be fighting against many enemies. There is different play outs you can start with; the survival mode is very fun, has waves. The clothing is realistic, it forms a real experience for the player. The shoes look nice and hearing the foot steps will bring you into war mode. This game is for mature only so don't be surprised if your baby points a toy gun at you. Even for yourself as an adult have to be mature, but this is a safe game to play. I recommend you buy this as soon as you get money.