Modern? -_- Warfare 3

User Rating: 4 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 X360

If you like realistic shooter games, do not buy this game. Shotguns miss and don't kill with headshots at point blank range, knives are more powerful than grenades, and the multiplayer favors those who spend their entire lives in front of the xbox. Some of the vital weapon attachments aren't unlocked until nearly MAX level, which takes a lot of kills.... how are we supposed to get those kills without those vital attachments? Really poorly designed, and many players hack at the game too. Shooting through 3 walls and instantly detecting you wherever you are on the map. That's only multiplayer though. The campaign is even worse. The main character is escorted by idiot computers throughout the entire game, and they expect you to charge headfirst into firefights and take all the damage while they sit there doing.... nothing. Enemies on the hardest difficult take entire clips to kill, while you take a tiny amount to kill. Completely ridiculous story too, as at one point the president happily hops on an airplane full on menacing looking men with black gloves on who don't speak english. Seems legit. Next up is the survival mode. Past round 10 are dogs who can remotely detonate c4 and take shotgun blasts to the head at point blank range. The attachments are next to useless as well, with no grip being available for SMGS and assault rifles. This game, in my opinion, is worth the $10 I bought it for. Wouldn't spend any more on this dismal game, but survival is fun to play co op couch style with my friends.