The epic finale to a great journey across 3 titles

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC

This is the much awaited finale to the Modern Warfare storyline that Infinity Ward have been developing for quite some time now. Being the third part out of three, those who have been expecting a totally new riveting storyline and a pretty long single player campaign will be sadly disappointed. The story kicks off immediately after MWII and goes on the exact same line – Finding the Ultranationalist Makarov and killing him before he unleashes war on the countries of the world using his superior resources and man-power.

We take part in an adventurous journey across many countries like France Germany England searching for clues and neutralizing Makarov’s forces before it gets too late. The main story follows Captain Price, Yuri, and Soap as they remain under cover whilst trying to take down the Russian threat by themselves. However they are not alone, as they will be assisted by the marines lead by “sandman” who will show unmatched bravery while fighting through hordes of Soviet forces. There are a couple of surprise missions too, whose details will be kept under wraps for the sake of its shock value.

But what can be safely disclosed is that World War III will be upon us before long in the game and modern combat will take a turn for more intensity and you will see incredibly detailed levels clattered with broken buildings and desolated open spaces in the wake of mankind’s biggest threat to extinction since 1946.

The graphics have been polished to the next level and sound design is pretty great as well. However game play has hardly changed as it pretty much feels like a remake of MWII with better visuals and greater scale. CoD does manage to maintain its reputation of delivering top notch sequences in first person through numerous live-action cut-scenes depicting war like never before.

But as mentioned earlier, the game is terribly short and pretty much follows the events of the previous two games, which make playing MW and MWII very important before proceeding with this.

The ending is very well scripted and brings to an end what will be remembered as one the greatest single player story trilogy in first person gaming. The characters will remain fresh in your mind and the sounds of battle will take long to die down.