Too bad for me I have't played the other 2 games before

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 X360

The story of the game is very very inmersive, and I had to play it non-stop till the very end, on hard difficult to get with it (cuz a friend of mine told me that otherwise it would have been so easy.) It turns out the history of the other 2 games (MW1 and MW2) have many relevance on the story otf this game, and I haven't played those games so... :( maybe if I had, I would have enjoyed this plenty more.

The other thing is that this game came at the exactly same time BF3 did... and I have to sayt, BF3 multiplayer took my life away from any other game, so till this day I have not tryed MW3 multiplayer more than a couple of hours. But I've heard is a blast.