The connection to this game is constantly garbage.

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I just started playing mw3 again after a long break away from it and I've got to say, the connection is just as bad if not worst than before, what gives?  I have on average 25Mbps down and I'll still get many 3 bar connection games, I know it is the host that can be the issue too, but why can't these things be fixed already? I experience bullets not registering, me teleporting back and forth when I'm running, and just overall crappy experience overall, anybody else have these issues with the connection or is it just me?

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Seems like just you. I've consistently been playing MW3 lately and I haven't run into many lag problems. As you said there can be issues depending on the host. If you have 4 bars you shouldn't lag at all. The only time I have an issue is if I connect to a host that is on the East Coast while I am on the West Coast. I am playing on wifi on an Xbox Slim. If the problem persists I would say try direct connecting to the router or modem when you game.

The only tip I could give you is to make sure you don't have other things in the house stealing bandwidth from your router while you game or try to play during peak hours for whatever time zone you are in. So if peak hours for your part of the world is 7 pm it would be best to play at that time to connect with people close to yu.

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I know this is really old but, "LAG COMPENSATION."