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hey i'm new to mw3 and i haven't played it yet but i just got it. can you guys help me out with what classes i should be using since i'll be a low level? like weapons, perks, ect. thanks!
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When you start out you only have three classes but you quickly unlock two more.  These classes cannot be modified but should give you a good idea on where to start with your custom classes, as for what class you want it all depends on what you want to do.  I have normally two class types loud and strong or fast and silent. The rough builds are below

Fast & Silent

Primary: AR or SMG (silenced with range or attachments)

Secondary: Pistol (normally akimbo 44 Magnum or Desert Eagle)

Lethal: Any (get familiar with all of these)

Tactical: EMP Gernade, Radar, or Conccussion Gernade

Killstreaks: Specialist (Marksman, Slight of Hand/Scavenger, Quickraw)

Deathstreak: Any (i prefer Last stand or Dead Man's Hand)

Perks: Blind eye, Assasian, Steady Aim(SMG)/Dead Silence(AR)


Loud & Strong

Primary: AR or LMG (Grip and a scope)

Secondary: Launcher (any launcher will do, lock on is easier)

Lethal: Gernade or Semtex

Tactical: Tactical Insertion or Trophy System

Killstreaks: Support (Ballisti Vests, Stealth Bomber, EMP)

Deathstreak: Any

Perks: Scavenger/Blind Eye, Blast Shield, Steady Aim/Stalker


On all of the perks be sure to take the time to unlock the pro versions as they will make you more effective.  Don't just follow these guidelines or online advice though, only you can tell what you are most effective at.