Need help with richtofen's grand scheme in Call of duty Black Ops

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Hi guys, I know I'm in the wrong place but the black ops forum are very dead. I am thinking about tackling this easter egg soon but i heard that you need the focusing stone and the golden rod by completing the easter egg in the other maps. I don't have any of the other map packs except resurrection. I have been reading this guide here and there are no mention of the rod and stone's_Grand_Scheme

I don't remember ever having the stone or the rod in any of the games i played online or solo. can any one confirm that you need to have these items?

My psn Id is hitman480 if you want to help me.

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I did this on my xbox version. The golden rod you can get solo. It's actually a bit easier to do it solo. The focusing stone however you are going to need 4..count....FOUR....people. Reason being is because there are four plates in the center that throws you "back in time" and you have to do that time and again as you work through the easter egg steps. When you play Moon the fourth player is the one who needs to have both of these items. (i.e. in case you are the fourth) I have heard that all players need to have both easter egg items but I am not totally sure on that. I know the golden rod is used on the pyramid tomb...thing... at the center and I forget what the focusing stone is used for. But I'll tell you now man, it's going to be a pain. My buddy and I played that map all damn day trying to get it. People were dropping out half way or had to go and a few times the connection just split on us. Good luck.
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Sorry, by the way when I mention the four plates I'm referring to Shangri la zombie map. Though I'm sure you may have guessed.