MW3 Custom Game Mode Fun

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Sup Guys, me and my friends love to have fun doing and creating game modes and like to have more people playing with us. So if you wanna play any of the game modes below just message the gamer tag next to the game mode. Make sure when u send the message to me or my friends that u include what game modes u wanna play with us. Cops and robbers: Message UconnBoy or SmallerDragoon, 4-6 players Riot Shield Wars: Message UconnBoy, 4+ players needed Simon Says: Message UconnBoy, 5+ players needed Michel Myers: Message UconnBoy 4-7 players Hide and Seek: Message Uconnboy 4-6 players NEW Infected: Message UconnBoy or SmallerDragoon 6+ players needed NEW Call of Duty Hunger Games: Message UconnBoy 4+ players needed