KD Dropping after a break, need help

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I recently came back to MW3 and my KD has been dropping and I've started losing more too. It feels like the game and connection is way more slow and it always feels like I'm on a 3 bar. My drops-shots arent working and I've left 2 games today. Feels like I'm getting worse and worse. 2 days ago I decided to get a good KD game, So I camped my ass off in a dominion game and actually managed to get a MOAB. Near the end of the game I was 35-1. But I noticed we were losing so I had to run in and try to win. Game ended 43-6 and I didnt manage to win.

My KD Is currently at 2.76 (dropped from 2.90) and my W/L is at 3.3 (dropped from 4.0) I always play alone and I always play TDM (my TDM KD is 3.0)

Are there any fail-safe setups to use?

Anything I should try and think about?

Any overall tips?


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Play with you're friends. I went from a 1.70 to 1.60. Recently I've been playing with my friends and I'm at a 1.65 now. I just dropped because I stopped playing too. If you need somebody to play with, just ask people on this.
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think closely at the tactics that you were using when you were playing before. I remember getting worked on my pp90m1 set up because I forgot that the key to it working in head on confrontations was to use unpredictable strafing. A minor thing but it was key. Also, don't go running in because you "used" to be good. It gets you killed and effs up your kd. Be defensive if you have to be.
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Don't get to attached to tactics that worked before, just because they were good then doesn't mean they are good not, people adapt and people change depending on the type of player they are facing.  I find the best approach is to play a few games and see how others play, if you see alot of people sniping, you may want to consider a silenced CQB class.  If people are using silenced weapons alot an AR with a gernade launcher can solve that.  You have to keep changing to keep up with new tactics and trends that crop up in multiplayer.

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I seem to do better when working with friends or even someone that has a mic and is somewhat intelligent. Also, I always have 1 custom class set as a fall back that uses my fav weapon (ump) and use that for awhile to get my k/d back up.

Know when to play aggressive and conservative. It's hard to know when to play either one but if I go in knowing my team is gonna lose, I usually just zone an area the whole time haha.

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