Iconik-Gaming recruiting: 4000+ members. Active. Competitive. Established.

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Hey everyone IconiK Gaming is looking for members. We are a well established, mature community(must be 13+). We are looking for people who are looking to have fun, fool around and meet new people. We offer a variety of things from News team, Youtube channel, Graphics team, Comp teams, and much much more. We have inter community challanges and tournys. We have many great features over at IG and there is ALWAYS someone on. We have over 1,000 active members and are growing daily. Not the best gamer? no Big deal we have the School of Cod to help people who wanna get better. Very competitve gamer? Awesome, we have a comp side that we are looking to send to US based tournys. So come check us out and if u like what you see, register!! and Be sure to tell them that IG Throttle Sent you! Thanks Dont Miss OUT!!! We'd love to have you --IG Throttle We also have a lvl 40 mw3 Elite clan so click below and Register! http://iconik-gaming.com/forum.php?referrerid=457
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We're still recruiting strong, great clan.
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over 10k registered members, they can't go wrong.