Honest question. Is there any real purpose to the sniper rifles in this game?

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I throw on an acog or hybrid sight onto the MK14 and I simply obliterate people. But when I tried sniping with an actual sniper rifle, I feel the maps are just too small for legit use. Assault rifles clear the way accuracy wise and are auto fire. Can't count how many times I've been taken down at long range with an ACR or blind sided because I can't see while hard scoping. I can't quick scope at all and am only sub par with drag scoping. But even then...these things seem like just simple trick shots and don't seem to have a strong bearing on gameplay. So I honestly wonder...the game is not like battlefield where there is a sprawling area to fight in...so why are there sniper rifles in the game? Is it just to sort of complete the listing of weapon types?