HavoC gaming recruiting for PS3 and Xbox

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HavoC Gaming is a XBOX 360 and PS3 clan. These are some of the attributes that makes our clan stand out from the rest. -Must be 16 years or older - Microphones: Having a mic is important to play, because we are a family and we talk, and because we want to have fun playing and communication is key. - Stat Requirements: NONE! We are looking for team players who want to have fun - Continent: We have players from all over the world; our EU section is currently growing fast - Times we play: Someone is always on - Who to contact: HavoC_iMidnite - GB/MLG Teams are formed and are doing well, more are forming. - Great advancement opportunities - Active Call of Duty Elite Clan: Level 30+ Call of Duty Elite Clan on Xbox, getting there on PS3, we have fun doing the clan operations as a team -Chatbox on forum: members can chat in the forums to discuss whatever -Great leadership: The leaders and upper levels of the clan are amazing -Amazing Ethics: We are a clan strongly built on playing the game the way it was meant to be played and for the reason it was meant to be played HavoC is currently recruiting to our family. We mostly play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, and our goal is fun. Our clan is based around loyalty and teamwork. We play together like a family, everyone knowing everyone, to have a good time. Our clan is currently a great size, but with room for growth. To join you must visit our website at havocgamingonline.com, create an account on the website with your PSN/ Gamertag, and visit the application section of the forum. From there you will need to copy and paste a format that is in one of the sticky posts into a new thread. The EVAL period is meant to help the leadership at Havoc determine whether or not our recruits are a good fit for our family. We are looking for decently active members who are friendly and will be an asset to our clan. If you have any questions about any part of our clan, feel free to message me here on the forum, or on our clan website. Hope to see you there!
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I might be interested. Am I going to have to change My GT?