2.3 K/D and Tired of Losing - Play?

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Hey everyone - 

I'm a 2.3 k/d and I pretty much play alone - I have one or two friends who I occasionally run with. 

Lately I've become increasingly frustrated with carrying teams/playing with scrubs all the time. Not to say I'm a perennial MVP, but man is it tiring seeing dudes squander my good games by posting 5-16s. 

I'm looking for a few guys to play with in a pretty casual sense. I exclusively do TDM, don't ever camp, carry a stinger and use it a LOT. I don't really care for using a mic (seems to mostly just result in trash talking) and lately it seems like I don't get to play all that much (couple months into a new job). 

Ideally I'd like to find a few dudes so whenever I do hop on I can at least have a quality teammate or two. It would also be nice to at least run with some fellow 2 k/ds.

My tag is bobcat103. Send me an invite if you'd like to link up -

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Just sent you a friend request. Hopefully we can play sometime.