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I have played hard, normal and now I have re started the game on easy level to get past the level in the airport, where captain Lewis says "Don't let them escape" The two Russians at the back trying to escape you can not kill the first guy? well i killed him on the hard level 3 times but, then it says failed mission. It seem harder to kill ten in normal and easy mode. Some times times they don't even come out and it says i failed the mission. I have tried killing everyone before going after the two russians escaping, i Fail the mission and I run straight for them and I can't get close enough- fail the mission. I run straight for them they don't even get to the door and i fail the mission before i get to she at them. I have tried to sniper it in the head but you need to shoot him two three times. Any type Machine guns/AKAs don't do anything cause i can not get close enough. has anyone else had this issue?