I failed to hate this game. Great single player and addictive online play along with challenging spec-ops

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3
First off I'd like to say I'm not much of a Call of Duty fan I'm a gamer who plays JRPG's and doesn't usually like to follow the crowed, especially after how much I hated call of duty 4. I really wanted to hate this game. But I decided to get as all my friends were and I could.

Gameplay- The game takes place after the original call of duty game where a terrorist called makarov starts a war between Russia and America. There are two storylines you follow, the American army rangers who defend the Russian invasion and the British SAS who are after Makarov. The game is set in lots of different battlefields, from Middle eastern cities to the Whitehouse and a submarine dock to the slums of brazil. The story itself is quite challenging and fun to play with a quite interesting story and different types of fighting styles from missions with silent sniping to all of warfare.

The game also features Spec-ops which, this is a set of missions on which you can attempt on 3 different settings. They are all set in different scenes from the game and some new areas. They get harder as you go along but are very challenging and fun to play.

The multiplayer is massive, and very fun to play. Theres all sort of games from capture the flag to team deathmatch. You gain exp online for doing challenges and getting kills, which make you level up, levelling up unlocks new rewards like new weapons and new killstreaks. Killstreaks are a reward for getting a certain number of kills without dying and as you level up you can unlock new ones. Weapons have equipment which you can unlock through getting so many kills with that weapon and some have a challenge for example getting so many kills with a certain equipment equipped.

Graphics and sound- The graphics are very good and very well rendered the guns sound realistic and the voice acting is very good.

Replay value- The storyline isn't too long but the online will keep you entertained for a very long time.

Summary- Over all the game is very fun to play on and offline is worth playing, even if your not that much into games like this like me its fun to play every now and again.

+ Great single player campaign
+ Great Graphics
+ Great Multiplayer

- Some games online can be hacked
- Kind of addictive