Went in with high expectations despite initial PC player reviews and utterly regret not listening to them.

User Rating: 3 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC
In a state of sheer boredom i thought i'd give the game another try, y'know... just to see if maybe i would have a different opinion about the game after the initial foul taste in my mouth had long since worn off...
I thought perhaps maybe i'd overlooked something during my initial run through of the game..
Something that would make me hate Infinity Ward a little less for what they had done with the game.

Not surprisingly my first impression of the game still remained.

This is nothing more than a second rate arcade shooter.
Words cannot express how let down i was , especially considering how stellar its predecessor was.

Now granted the original modern warfare wasn't a particularly tactical game to begin with, but the simple addition of a lean function at least gave you the illusion that running and gunning wasn't always the best option.
I'm not even going to get into how F'd up IW's choice in regards to PC multiplayer options is (or the complete lack thereof)... It's beyond words how asinine it is...

Of course it won't matter if PC players swear off IW products from here on out because they have a sea of console players to suck every last drop they have to give them and they'll just blame their poor PC sales on a lack-luster market, just like every other cop-out developer of late.