Fun Campaign with awesome Spec Ops and Multiplayer

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 X360
The Campaign was short but very well done with great levels. Playing on Veteran makes it pretty hard but not so hard that you want to give up.

Spec Ops was my favorite game play mode of this game because you got to do some of the great campaign levels with a friend that adds in some extra things to do. Once again Veteran is pretty hard some levels more than others however its a blast working on them with a friend at your side. Please add more levels in DLC.

Multiplayer was improved upon from the last modern warfare by adding in some new great levels and a **** ton of un-lockables that makes you want to keep playing. If you liked the last modern warfares multiplayer you will love this one even more.

Overall this game is a must buy you will love it. Awesome by yourself and even better with friends.