this was the 1st and last call of duty where they told the truth and when they write without the fear of the US gov

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC
u have to pass the game to understand what i say, and its the true, i read a letter of the US GOV to ACTIVISION and now i know why since this COD, all the series turn into a halo FPS only shoot and shut up because the history is for dummies, sorry FANBOYS but halo is cool only to play it but for history, dont lie to your self, this was the 1st and last shooter that i love because the story that tells was excellent. To some people this is other cod but for me this was the BEST of all shooters, not only because of the story but the multi player was great.

and it was a PC GAME that i love, the sound for my that has a RAZER MEGALODON 7.1 HEADSET is the best sound of the COD series and im writing this when i has the black ops 2, and the pint point with the sound in the games is 89% accurate, i like COD 4 and this was like the pinnacle of the story line, but when they fear that US GOV will not let activision sell games that dont make the fuking typical American hero.

COD series turn in to POO