Infinity Ward took everything good from Modern Warfare and perfected it in a sequel that is one of the most amazing ever

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 X360
I'll make this quick Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is AMAZING! It has great graphics, great sound, and all the things you've come to love of the first Modern Warfare! The campaign is about 18 missions long and is non-stop action from start to finish. Your hunting down a terrorist named Makorav (sorry if I misspelled the name) that is responsible for murdering innocent people with Nuclear devices. The campaign isn't very long it'll take you about 6 hours to complete. But after you complete it you can do a fun mission mode known as spec ops which allows you to replay special situations from the missions and the harder the difficulty you complete it at the more stars you earn. You can earn 1-3 stars and this helps unlock more tiers of Spec Ops. Your goal of it is to get every star in spec ops. Multiplayer is back and its better than ever. Allowing you to go 75 levels and multiple prestiges that keep you coming back for more. Modern Warfare 2 nails every category on the list and is an amazing adventure you'll never forget. It may have minor flaws here and there but overall its a pretty satisfying experience!