SP 10/10, MP 0/10, = 5/10

User Rating: 5 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC
The single player campaign is as good as I expected, if a bit short. Once again IW prove that they can create a more immersive atmosphere than most other devs. Graphics, sound, level design, story, variety, all great.


I live in South Africa (currently in US for 2 weeks). With IW's spiteful and arrogant decision of no dedicated servers I will not be able to play multiplayer. And hiding it from everyone until the last minute is downright unethical. With a ping of 400 at best to anywhere in the world where people are playing the game the only way we can play MP in SA is via dedicated servers.

I've been playing COD4 for two years, and while some guys use cracked versions of the game, there are constantly new guys coming with legal copies and I believe this kept the game alive and did a lot for the longevity of COD4.

So I finished the SP campaign of COD 6 (which is great) and it's now on the shelf and in one week I'll forget about this game. Cheers IW, I'm certainly not buying COD8 based on your insincere and unethical behavior by hiding the fact from everyone that there would be no dedicated servers until the last minute. The respect I have for you as game devs still holds, but being unethical weighs heavier on the negative side.