This is game is Mod overrun.

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So I've been staying with MW3 lately, and I decided to come back to the MW2 world for a bit.  As I did that, I come to see almost every S&D lobby I'm in is full with hackers and the lobby proceeded to have those annoying ass mods.  Can't anyone play legit these days?  I guess they're too bad to actually start from scratch and EARN your weapons etc.

Smh to hackers.  Play the game the way it was MEANT to be played.  Idiots.

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Have you played BF3? The amount of hackers there will put MW2 hackers to shame. And piss-poor admin too. I got permantlybanned from a server because the same hackers were playing 3 rounds in a row (which I reported too) and I said the admin there suck more cock than Lisa Ann.

Anywho, I've had a few good games on MW2 in recent days, but I'm plauged with technical issues.

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Yeah, there is an extreme amount of people with aiming hacks as well as hacks that show exactly where you are on the map without a UAV active. It makes it extremely tough to enjoy the game. I've been in a few lobbies with legit players but they are hard to get into.

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I've been playing alot of team tactical lately, and it seems there are fewer hackers in that game mode. (This, of course, does not include unlegit 10th prestiges.)