New Clan: AoS (Angels of Sniping)

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Hello! I am starting a new clan called AoS (Angels of Sniping) for MW2 on the Xbox360. 4 people have joined. It is NOT a stupid clan where you HAVE to QS, trickshot or anything. Its a community where we snipe the **** out of kids. I dont give a hell if you hardscope with an EBR. All I care about is SNIPING. No tryouts, nothing, all I ask is for members who are no less than 13 years old. Eventually 3 other members with great talent willbe invited to start up AoS' first MLG team. GT's will be required to change once the clan reaches an amount of players to survive off of. Ex. AoS Dawnzyy AoS TiPPZY AoS Racing AoS TruBeast Message me on here or xbox (GT: Dawnzyy) My QS 1v1 is currently 17-6 Get your sniper, get hyphy, and lets go gets some head. (;